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Best Vastu Experts in Madurai


Vastu Shastra is a system of architecture that helps us live harmoniously with nature. The word VASTU means arrangement or disposition. In other words, Vastu shastra teaches us how to arrange our homes, offices, shops, etc., in such a way that they become conducive to good health and well-being. We are the best Vastu experts in Madurai for Industrial & House Vastu


Best Vastu Experts in Madurai

Vastu Shashtra is an ancient Indian science of architecture. It was developed during the Vedic period (1500 BC – 500 AD). This science has its roots in the Hindu religion. It is believed that the universe is arranged according to certain principles called vedis. These principles are represented in the form of geometrical shapes.

There are main principles of Vastu shastra:

1) Space – The placement of objects in space should be considered carefully.

2) Direction – The direction of movement of light, air, water, and fire should be taken into consideration. 3) Time – Determining the best time for different activities is extremely important.

The concept of Vastu shastras can be traced back to about 1500BC when it was first mentioned in the Atharva-Veda. Atharva-Veda is one of the four canonical books of Hindus which contain hymns pertaining to god’s creation, preservation, and destruction. They also discuss rituals meant for peace, prosperity, purity, and salvation.

Vastu expert should be used as a synonym for ‘expert’. The difference between the two words is subtle but important. An expert is well known within his field, whereas a Vastu expert is a title given to professionals who have studied the science of Vastu Shastra.

There is no doubt that Vastu shastra holds great significance when it comes to building houses. This ancient Indian Science is concerned with making homes and buildings liveable and comfortable. If you ask any architect or builder you will find out that Vastu shastra is widely accepted.

This is because Vastu Shastra makes homes and buildings livable and habitable by ensuring that there is proper ventilation, drainage, lighting, and other essentials. Vastu shastra ensures comfort and health

Industrial Vastu Experts in Madurai


What is Industrial Vastu? How does it affect us? Is it something I should worry about?

The industry has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy today, accounting for almost 25 percent of global GDP in 2017. The Indian industrial sector represents over 30 percent share of India’s GDP. In India, industrial growth has remained robust since 2011.

The Indian industries are at an exciting phase of their development and growth cycle which offers tremendous opportunities for expansion and diversification of business activities. Manufacturing has become one of the major players in employment generation in the country. However, along with this also come new challenges which require a serious thought process before embarking on such ventures. One of these challenges lies in our living environment where we spend most of our time and make many decisions affecting our quality of life.

A number of factors contribute toward creating positive work environments and a healthy working atmosphere. These include design, technology, quality, ergonomics, efficiency, and sustainability. Design plays a critical role in creating a conducive workplace for employees, clients, and visitors.

Industrial Vastu Experts in Madurai

It can help reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve employee morale. Technology helps create a productive work environment by enabling efficient ways of doing things, improved communication, and better decision-making. Quality refers to the physical condition of products produced at the plant or factory level. Ensuring good manufacturing practices and using best-in-class standards is necessary if a company wants to protect itself from legal liabilities. Ergonomic principles are based on human anatomy and physiology. They ensure workers are safe during their normal day-to-day tasks. Modern workplaces often incorporate a variety of techniques like ‘flowcharts’, ‘checklists’, and ‘task boards’ to improve employee performance. Efficiency refers to how much output (productivity) is achieved per unit input (resources).


Efficiency is a very important factor as it leads to cost reduction, high volume production, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability. Sustainability means keeping the environment around us healthy and sustainable. It requires businesses to adopt policies that keep them accountable for managing resources responsibly and efficiently so as not to have an impact on the environment. Sustainable policies and procedures lead to social responsibility and awareness of environmental issues.

So what are the benefits of adopting Vastu shastra into your business premises in the form of Our Best Vastu expert advice:

1. Improves overall productivity

2. Increases worker well being & reduces fatigue

3. Reduces noise levels within the factory/office

4. Improves air quality

5. Keeps pollution outside the factory


Vastu Experts for Residential in Madurai


Property owners aim to help safeguard you against potential hazards and accidents as well as ensure that your home remains harmonious with nature. The main objective of Our Vastu Experts is to enhance the experience of living for not only you but also for all your occupants.

 Vastu Experts for Residential in Madurai

The key elements of Vastu for residences are:

• To provide safety throughout life through the prevention of mishaps such as fire, earthquakes,s, and floods

• To promote harmony between man and nature through structural features & orientation

• To maintain health through natural ventilation & light

• To preserve wealth & prosperity by ensuring auspicious energy flows

For any queries related to Vastu, please get in touch with our experts who will provide you with answers that would make sense and solve your problems.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals having years of industry knowledge and vast research experience. Their expertise lies in providing reliable solutions to your specific requirements by taking into account the client’s needs and the local customs

We believe in making technology accessible to everyone. We strive to deliver exceptional services every time. If you find any problem with our service or we fall short of expectations, please inform us via email, phone, or WhatsApp. Our representatives will always respond within 24 hours. Thank You!










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